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Latest Release: Pituitary Cell Lines and Article from Dr. Denise Belsham


Latest Release: Pituitary Cell Lines and Article from Dr. Denise Belsham

Download the latest brochure containing information regarding the hypothalamic, hippocampal and the newly released pituitary cell lines. Also read an article from the originator of the cell lines, Denise Belsham entitled:

  • And so the little neuron said to the big neuron… Adult-derived Hypothalamic Cell Lines to Study Neuronal Regulation
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CELLutions Biosystems represents the bridge between the academic and biopharmaceutical communities, ensuring that novel and innovative research tools developed by university-based scientists are made available for use in basic science, drug discovery, and therapeutic development programs.

CEDARLANE acquires CELLutions Biosystems Inc.

CEDARLANE announced the acquisition of CELLutions Biosystems Inc. to create a powerful combination in the Canadian biotechnology industry.

“This is a very exciting development for these two important players (in the Life Science research community),” says Dr. Tim McTiernan, Assistant Vice-President of Research and Executive Director of The Innovations Group, University of Toronto. “CEDARLANE’s acquisition of CELLutions means the development of sound and sustainable products to aid in the understanding of complex human diseases and to assist in the development of new and effective treatments.”

“CELLutions is on its way to becoming a leading distributor of cell lines and other biological tools for the research and development market,” says Cynthia Greer, President of CEDARLANE. “As an established, leading manufacturer and distributor, we can maximize CELLutions’ potential, and work together to find solutions to important health issues facing Canadians and people worldwide.”



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